VAULT / 008

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The World’s Highest Website
The Hoax Museum
Traffic Cone Preservation Society
Gothic Martha Stewart
The $39 Experiment
The Amazing Camera
American Widescreen Museum
Living Internet
Ted's Caving Page
Death Gets A Website
Jim Pallas Kinetic Art
Pay Phone Museum
Velma Dinkley Dedication
Atari Archives
The Original Disc Sleeve Archive
Sonic The Hedgehog Museum
UFO Casebook
The Anti-Chain Letter
Aliens Arrival
UFO Webcams
Caverns Of Blood
The Fabulous Bud E. Luv
Make Frontend Shit Again
TV Glitches
Paul's Travel Pictures
Nerd Mullet
Magic Of Licorice
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
How Jell-O Killed The Dinosaurs
Ghost Town Gallery
Doug Gilford's Mad Magazine Covers
Crapola Web Translator
Computer Jargon Dictionary
Strange New England
The True Legends
Horror Directory
Where's George?
Stop Motion Works
Earthbound Cult
The Official Dopefish Homepage
Great Big Nothing
Digital Museum Of Collecting
Casi's Coke Collection
Dee's 70's Page
Great Coasters International
GrimLok's Domain
The Geocities Gallery