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The World's Worst Website
The First Banner Ad
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
Freddie Mercury & Queen
GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface Gallery
What's Web 1.0?
Welcome To Heptune!
Word Magazine
Postcards Connecting The World
The Phobia List
Write Like An Egyptian
Fifties Web
Ghost Of The Doll
Live Bats 24/7
The Horror Movie Survival Guide
Nessie On The Net!
We're the Flying Elvises! Utah chapter!
Dan Garcia's Spam Homepage
Alien Abduction Insurance
The Psychic Chicken Network
Mind Reading Markup Language
Celebrity Driveways
The Dancing Baby (In high definition!)
Shopping Cart Abuse
Rockabilly Central
Weird ALvatar Inc.
Flashback Radio
ApologetiX: Christian Parody Band
Kitsch Tour U.S.A.
Kevin's Fridge Magnets
The History Of Video Tape Recorders
Retro Housewife
The 1950's Housewife Experiment
Gobler Toys
The Desert Biome
Guide To Breaking Your Computer
Andy's Anachronisms
Steve Casino
The Duct Tape Guys
The Shadowlands
Crop Circle Quest
Guide To Spam-Like Products
Million Dollar Homepage
The Dead Lounge
Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster
Radio Dismuke
Neon Street Gallery
Doo Wop Preservation League
Olde Time Cooking