VAULT / 005

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The Internet Pizza Server
Shakespearean Insulter
The Disaster Center
One Trillion Dollars
The Oldskool PC
Henry's Rabbit Ranch
Exploring The Unknown
The Speech Vault
Mr. Poodle Head
Slap Kirk
Stinky Meat Project
60's Anime
Postage Rate Charts
Television Set History
World's Longest Domain Name
Novelty Answering Machine
Akiyoshi's Illusions
Ian's Shoelace Site
Slide Ventura
Gorm The Wired
The Old Robot's Website
Vacation Lovers
The Generator Generator
Pharisee's Kingdom
Vintage Calculators
Rozzy For President
Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page
The Bob Club
Society For The Preservation Of Polyesters
Jim Storer Puzzles
The Brownie Camera Page
The Stepford Wives
Fish Pictures
Volcanoes & Volcanism
How To Give A Cat A Bath
Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions
Underground Homes
Handheld Game Museum
Museum Of Unnatural Mystery
Metal MIDI
Old Mouse Museum
Am I Dead?
This Cat Does Not Exist
The Simulator
Lemmy's Land (Warning MIDI download.)
Abandoned But Not Forgotten
Modern Airships