VAULT / 004

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The Condiment Packet Gallery
Cyber Beach
Internet Explorer Is EVIL!
Make A Fly 90's Website
The Chupacabra Homepage
Ray’s Maze Page
The Thing
So You've Decided To Be Evil
The Movie Cliches List
Mr. Breakfast
George Orwell
Goth Types
Bert Christensen's Cyberspace
Mr. T vs. Santa
My Summer Car Game
"Gimme A Buck" Website
Drink Moxie
Garbage Pail Kids World
The Icon Browser
The Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Crypt Of Eyesores
Become A Gnome
The Old Internet
Glass Museum Online
Learn To Count
Teenage Horror Factory
eBay Feedback Generator
Gum Collector
The First Church Of Shatnerology!
The David Lynch Resource
Bad day today?
Rockabilly Revue
The Wilhelm Scream
Darwin Awards
One Million Giraffes
Welcome To Spatula City!
Smurf The Web
Less Than Official Spork Homepage
Human For Sale
The Brick Testament
Virtual Cave
3D Face Reconstruction
The Ransomizer
The 80's Page
Dustin "Screech" Diamond
How Many Of Me
Biblical Curse Generator
Daniel Eats Durian Fruit