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The Human Clock
This Is True
Crank Dot Net
The Pope's Confessional Booth
The Couch: A Retrospective
Ziggy Lavengood
The NOTMILK Homepage!
The Skeleton Closet
Paul Burgess
Jen's Dome O' Rama
HAZENWORLD (Warning MIDI download.)
The Elsewhere Philatelic Society
The Pencil Pages
Peter Pan's Homepage!
Institute Of Official Cheer
Cows Go Moo
Yooperville U.S.A.
Mystical Smoking Head Of 'Bob'
Funny Name Server
Surrealist Compliment Generator
Weekly World News
The Undiscovered Playthings
Stop Alien Abductions
Theories On Grimace
Furby Autopsy
The Ultimate Taxi
America's Goofiest Patents!
Heaven's Gate
The Geocities-izer
The Jackalope Conspiracy
Vintage Ad Browser
Peewee's Blog!
The Kingdom Of Nye
Midnight In The Desert
Art Bell Legacy
Crop Circle Connector
Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam
Cameron's World
Chicken On A Raft
Peep O' Rama
Internet Live Stats
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Endless Horse
Outhouses Of America
Space Weather Information
Pigeon Movie Database
Society For Barefoot Living